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Bishop Creek Fall #3



Serious photographers have a lot of choices when capturing a scene, and in this case it has to do with exposure, and even the choice of the scene.  I have liked this composition for many years, and I check it out each fall.  My "choice" would be to have less contrast, and show some details in the shadows.  I can do it by blending a couple photos together, or using a film with much more exposure latitude (but losing the nice colors and the impact of high contrast). Some day I may blend this photograph with one that has shadow detail in the evergreens. 

But then I am doing that for me.  There is also something to be said about what others may like, and what is popular and trend-worthy.  Working within the exposure imitations of the film, having high contrast and losing shadow detail, are often acceptable and often a sign of the times.  Therefore I offer this.


"Bishop Creek #3 Fall"





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