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The Artist



 Alan is an award-winning photographic artist with a passion for capturing the beauty and grandeur of natural landscapes, dramatic scenes and striking architecture.  He specializes in large format and large digital photographs to capture the smallest possible details in each scene.  When displayed in large scale presentation the viewer may "feel" as if they are there, and can share the experience.

A native Californian, and raised on Catalina Island, Alan has a deep appreciation for the natural and diverse beauty of California, Catalina, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The challenge for him is to capture and then share the beauty and feeling of the moment to the viewer through his photography.  From this he hopes the viewer will venture to, or revisit, these locations to experience the awe and grandeur found there, and to help ensure that these places remain inspiring into the future.  See "Alan's Commentary".

Only the finest equipment, lenses, film, scanners, software, printers, and mounting products are utilized in the capture, processing and presentation of Alan's work.  

Alan continues to seek out those scenes and subjects that bring him feeling and passion, and present them to you in a manner that is inspirational and invokes similar feelings and passions.




"The purpose of my art is to share

the beauty and the feeling of the moment."


- When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you. -





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