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Casino Sunrise



"Casino Sunrise" is one of my early endeavors, but has withstood the test of time.  I had had the idea of the silhouette of the Casino with the sun rising to the side of it for quite some time prior.  The problem, I soon discovered, was that it was not possible to get the sun "next" to the Casino from Avalon Bay, but saw that it might be possible from Descanso Bay sometime during the year. This is when I learned about the progression of the sun along the horizon throughout the year. Sun elevation and azimuth are now where I start when planning to shoot new scenes.

On my third or fourth attempt I finally got the composition I wanted.  I was very lucky in that there  was a mild "Santa Ana" condition that day, and the smog from the L.A. area brought out the brilliant reds and oranges.   I won my first photo award for this shot, inspiring me to continue the pursuit of photography.



"Casino Sunrise"





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