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Casino Moon


It is rare for the moon to rise as far north as it did on this December evening. Most full moons from this vantage point would be well out of the frame to the right, and the only way to get the moon and the Casino in the same non-panoramic photo is from the Descanso Bay side.

I made a special day-trip to the Island in hopes that I could get a decent shot. Though I had a real good idea where the moon would be rising, I'm never really sure until it breaches the horizon. Since the 4X5 camera needs some time to set up it is usually a bit of a scramble to get it in the right place at the right time. As luck would have it the evening was relatively clear, and the sky rendered a warm pinkish color to help offer this surrealistic scene.

To get to the location to take this photo took some doing, especially with 25 pounds of equipment on my back. Ah, to be young again.  I was a bit dirty on the boat ride "overtown".



"Casino Moon"





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