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Crescent Avenue




The quiet August mornings on the "Front Street" in Avalon have always been appealing to me.  During the day, and in the evening, the street in summer is jammed with hundreds of people. But only in the early morning are the summer streets empty like this.

Due to the annual marine layer in June and early July it is rare to see the sun shining on this street on summer mornings.  We have to wait until August and September to see it this way.  Furthermore, in the winter months the sun is further south and is blocked by hills on the southeast side of the bay.  So this is a short-lived occurrence in the summer, and usually only seen by a handful of people.

I found the striking yellow facade of the Hotel Mac Rae contrasting with the dark blue sky an interesting study in photo art, giving Avalon an almost-Caribbean look.


"Crescent Avenue"





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