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Descanso Moon




This was not the moon photo that I had intended to capture when I set out for the Island.  What I wanted, and still want, will require the moon rising at a time when it is properly balanced with the ambient light.

That said, I am very pleased with this photograph.  Though it is the opposite of popular "warm" photos, it does capture the cooler mood and sense of winter and the off-season in Avalon.  And since the lights of the Casino had not yet come on it adds an even greater sense of coolness and serenity.

The actual print of this photo displays a bit darker and richer in color; a purplish or royal blue. At the 2008 Catalina Festival of Arts I was asked many times if the scene was that color.  It was fairly dark when I took the photograph, and I did not or could not see a hue in the sky. I can tell you that the resulting transparency is a rich blue.


"Descanso Moon"





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