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Yosemite, Merced River



Now this is certainly not a unique scene.  Still, I am happy with it....for now. The funny part of this photo is not what is in it, but what transpired while I was there. I waited probably two hours near the water's edge for the winter sun to get low to maybe produce a Galen-Rowell-Postage-Stamp photo. It obviously did not happen. But during those two hours people would come and go, most snapping photos from the parking lot. At one moment there might be a busload of visitors from Japan, and the next just a couple of photographers, and this went on and on. Come sunset I think all of the serious photographers in the Valley showed up to see if the postage stamp scene would appear. Moments later, after the sun set, I looked around and everyone was suddenly gone. My wife got a kick out of it as she read a book in the car.

This photo is rife with all sorts of technical errors. So I'll probably be back to get a better one someday, that is if the lure of the E. Sierras doesn't keep me away.


"Yosemite, Merced River"  


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