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Casino Mermaid



The Mermaid is located above the Theatre box office in the atrium of the Casino building, and is a 10 foot by 20 foot work of art in tile by John Gabriel Beckman and Richard T. Keit.  The original design is that of John Gabriel Beckman, and in collaboration with Mr. Beckman, Richard T. Keit created the tile for that design.  

The atrium has three large art-deco chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and one of them is directly in front of the Mermaid.  My motivation was to create a photographic record of the mural so that we could see what it looked like straight on without the chandelier blocking the view.  This was accomplished by using a view camera. The shift features of the view camera were used in both the vertical and horizontal to keep the film plane parallel to the mural. This was done to minimize perspective convergence, and is the key to a final photo free from no more than minor perspective and lens distortion.  Three photos were taken from separate positions in order to capture all parts of the mural.  They were processed, scanned, and then painstakingly merged together through 20 hours of work in Photoshop, eliminating the chandelier and appearing as one continuous photo.


"Casino Mermaid"





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