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Alan's favorite camera is the 4X5 Linhof Technikardan view camera.  Some may think a view camera is too big for trekking around the mountains, but the Technikardan folds up into a small flat "package" that fits nicely in his photo backpack, and it weighs no more than most field cameras.  Also, because it is a view camera it lends itself nicely when Alan has an opportunity for architectural photography. Due to the difficulty and delay in getting film processed these days Alan's camera of choice is now a digital SLR camera, a Canon 5D Mark II.  He has used many other cameras over the years including 120 medium format and 120 panoramic. Click here for more on large format and/or view cameras.


Virtually all processed photographic film is digitally scanned in order to be utilized in other media, and of course digital cameras produce a ready-for-post-processing photo already in digital format.  Alan actually began using digital and Adobe Photoshop back in the early-1990s in the picture post card market, and along with Adobe Light Room continues to use it as his photo editing program of choice.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the quality or detail of the photo-to-print process please feel to contact Alan directly.



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